TERMS AND CONDITIONS - Sherpa Wonder Pvt. Ltd .


All travelers who booked any treks or tours with Sherpa Wonders are subjected to our Terms & Conditions outlined below. Please note that by booking a tour or trek and making a deposit, you accept our terms of service and this set us into a legally binding agreement between you and Sherpa Wonders Pvt. Ltd.



Sherpa Wonders shall not be held responsible for any departure delays or cancellation instigated by any state of affairs as these are beyond our control. In cases of cancellation due to weather condition, riots, sickness or any other interventions, Sherpa Wonders will do our best to come up with an alternative plan by altering the original itinerary or diverting the trek destination. Additional charges might incur subject to circumstances. You acknowledge that your trips are subject to changes without any prior notice under genuine condition.

In cases of flight cancellation in Kathmandu, Sherpa Wonders would provide hotel accommodation on bed and breakfast basis. While with the cancellation in the remote mountain airports such as Lukla, Sherpa Wonders will also provide accommodation and full board meals within your valid booking trip duration. If your trip exceeds the valid booking trip duration,  travelers are responsible for all the extra expenses incurred which include accommodation, food or chartered helicopter.

Weather conditions on the mountains and in the Himalayas can change rapidly and aviation schedules are highly unreliable. The flight between Kathmandu and Lukla where every treks on Khumbu/ Everest region starts is frequently delayed and maybe cancelled for the day or several consecutive days. In the event your flight is cancelled we will re-book your flight for the following day but if travelers would like to attempt to get on a chartered helicopter, they are responsible for the extra costs of helicopter flights which might cost around US$400 or more. Your original flight fare will be refunded.

*Updates on domestic flights to Lukla
Due to the reparation work being carried out at Kathmandu domestic airport, all flights to Lukla (Tenzing-Hillary airport) with effect from April 2019 will be operated from Manthali Airport in Ramechhap. Ramechhap District lies about 132 kilometres east of Kathmandu. It takes around 4.5 hours drive to reach Manthali Airport from Kathmandu. Transportation to and from the airport will be provided at no extra cost.

Please note on these important points:

  1. We will book your flight to Lukla after you’ve placed your deposit for the trek and send us your passport details. This enables us to secure the earliest flight because the weather tends to be much more stable and the visibility is better for landing in the morning. Getting early flights is one on the key things we focus on to ensure our guests safety and try to minimize delays in their itineraries.
  2. If your flight is cancelled due to bad weather we will re-book your ticket for the following day. When we re-book your ticket it’s likely you will be on a lower priority flight during the peak trekking seasons. Do note that this is out of our control as the earlier morning flights will have already been booked months in advance.
  3. The availability of chartering helicopters depends on a number of factors including rescue requirements, prior booking commitments and weather. We will do our best to arrange a helicopter but keep in mind that various factors are out of our control.
  4. Helicopter rates vary as a rule and increase when demand increases. Offers for helicopter flights displayed in the airport apply to advance bookings. The rates given by our team in Kathmandu may not always match what is offered locally on the mountain.
  5. If helicopters are limited in availability they may only be available to shuttle guests to Phaplu which is an airstrip in the valley below Lukla. We can arrange a jeep from Phaplu to Kathmandu. Be prepared for a 10 to 14 hours journey on rough roads. If you have extra time in Nepal you might be better waiting an extra day at Lukla for the weather to clear.
  6. The Airlines and Helicopter companies often reroute planes and change confirmation details depending on numerous conditions. You acknowledge that your trips are subjected to changes without any prior notice under genuine condition.


As mentioned above, flights to Lukla can at times be delayed for several days during periods of bad weather hence we suggest to add a couple of extra days at the end of your trek in case of any delays. Below are the suggested numbers of extra days based on the trekking season (but please note that this serves as a guideline only.

Trek period: Sept 10th to May 10th – 2 Extra Days
Trek period: May 10th to June 1st and Sept 1st to Sept 10th – 3 Extra Days
Trek preiod: June 1st to June 15th and from Aug 10th to Aug 30th – 4 Extra Days

Let us know the number of days you would like to extend when you book with us and we can arrange for extra hotel nights in Kathmandu.



The itinerary provided by Sherpa Wonders is simply a guideline and your trek guide has the right to alter the itinerary and destinations that best suits the group. The alteration may depend on the group fitness, weather, accessibility etc. However, be rest assured that your trek guide will always consult & discuss with the group before making any amendment.


When you book with Sherpa Wonders, you agree to accept the authority of your Trek Guide. He or She is responsible and in charge of any crucial decision made for the whole team with you & your team mates safety as the top priority. Please respect his or her decision because they are the mountain experts and will only give their best to make your trip a safe and successful one.



We require a deposit of non-refundable $200 per person as a confirmation to secure your booking.
You may do so via bank transfers but do note that bank service charges may apply depending on your bank. Your invoice confirmation will be sent once we verify that we received the funds.

Alternatively, you can also use Online Credit Card payments for your deposit but it will subjected to an additional 4% processing fee.

The remaining balance should be paid in a major currency when you arrive in Kathmandu.
You may also pay your remaining balance through credit card, Visa or Master Card. However, if you pay with a credit/debit card in Nepal, it will be subjected to an additional fee of 4% to cover bank service charges. Therefore, we strongly recommend cash payment in USD.

If you are paying the remaining balance in local or any major currency that is not in USD, we will calculate the amount based on current exchange rates as per the website – xe.com.



All trip costs are shown in USD unless otherwise stated. If you pay online, your credit card company will determine the actual exchange rate. If you are paying a remaining balance in local currency we will calculate the amount based on current exchange rates as per the website – xe.com.



Once your trip is taken off and under any circumstances whatsoever if you voluntarily or involuntarily tend to leave the trip, no refund shall be made by the company. The claim may be in regards to whichever unused services provided. All refunds are strictly prohibited under the will of Sherpa Wonders.



Travelers are to notify the company instantly in cases of withdrawal from the already booked trip. In any such related scenario Sherpa Wonders reserves the right to compensate the cancellation charges for hotels or flights from your advance deposit.



While booking trips with Sherpa Wonders it is mandatory that all travelers have an all-inclusive insurance covering all the aspects of your adventure, including but not limited to travel cancellation, accidents, health, emergency evacuation, loss or damage of personal belongings.

Standard travel insurance policies often only cover medical evacuation up to 3000m so depending on your trip make sure the policy you get covers trekking as an activity of up to 6000m. Most travel insurance policies require that you pay for evacuation in Nepal up front and will reimburse you when you get home and submit the documents. Evacuation can cost up to $5000 so make sure that your policy will actually pay for any expenses while you are travelling. You only need to be covered on the policy for the days you will actually be trekking.

Insurance bought in Kathmandu may not be valid due to its unpredictability. All costs for emergency evacuation must be paid in cash in Nepal prior to the agreement of payment by your insurance company on your behalf.


  • We don’t endorse any particular insurance company but we strongly encourage you to check the specifics of your policy with your Travel Insurance agency before you arrive in Nepal.
  • If you are climbing one of the trekking peaks your policy will also need to cover “climbing” as an activity.



Even though Sherpa Wonder offers treks for different fitness level and difficulty level, trekking in high elevation can still be considered strenuous and challenging for many. Anyone with knee, ankle, heart, lungs or any pre-medical history need to pursue medical consultation and approval before considering any trips. Travelers are to update us in advance on any pre-medical history.


Our itineraries are designed to allow for adequate acclimatization time however everyone reacts to altitude differently. The best means to acclimatize is to decrease your rate of ascent and spend more time on the mountain.

All of our guides have practical experience in dealing with the symptoms of AMS and are Wilderness First Aid Certified. They also carry pulse oximeters to measure your blood oxygen level. Please respect the decision of your guide if he deems it’s unsafe for you to continue ascending.

If you become ill on the trek or have serious symptoms of altitude sickness but would want to continue up the mountain by extending the duration of your trek, please let your trek guide knows so that he or she can make the arrangement to match you with another trek group. However, this is subject to trek season. Do note that we charge $75 USD for extra days on the mountain beyond your original schedule. If you’re trekking in the Khumbu/Everest region, we will handle all the changes in your your Lukla flights if your schedule is changed at no extra cost, but your flight priority might be lower than it was with your original ticket.

Do also note that Sherpa Wonders will not be liable for the any extra medical expenses while on trip.



Travelers must understand the hazards of being in the remote mountain environment which includes accident or illnesses without any medical facilities, political instability and the forces as well as weather changes of nature. You agree to shoulder all the risks associated with the trip. Sherpa Wonders and its employee shall not be hold accountable or provide justification to personal injury, loss or damage of your belongings/property, delays, cancellation or death.



We reserve the right to refuse service either in Kathmandu or during the trek. Causing embarrassment or annoyance to other travelers, fighting, heavy drinking, verbal abuse of others in the group or of our guides or staff is unacceptable and we reserve the right to end our services at any time. Please be respectful to our staff and to other trekkers in the groups.

At all times, please understand that Nepal being a developing country and facilities in terms of infrastructure, accommodation, transportation, communication, medical facility etc may not be as close to what you have been conditioned to at home. We will try our best to accommodate any requests per these facilities, however if it is a matter we cannot do anything about, your grievances will unfortunately not be entertained.



If it is the case that travelers finish ahead of the intended schedule or end up stopping a trek early for health or personal reasons, please note that we do not offer any refunds for unused days on the trek. Our costs will remain the same as we have an obligation to pay our guides and porters for the time they have committed.



We understand things happen and plans change, we’re happy to reschedule your trip dates at no extra charge if you provide at least 4 weeks advance notice. If you need to cancel your trip completely and can alert us at least 4 weeks in advance of your arrival date we can refund your entire booking.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds to your booking if you cancel within 4 weeks of your arrival. We book all hotels, tours and resources in advance so we are unable to give a refund on short notice but we will work with you to reschedule the date of your booking or even change of trip destination within 6 months of your original booking dates. Our general advice is that if you need to change plans please alert us as quickly as possible.

If a trek or climb is cancelled in the event of a natural disaster, civil unrest, airport closures or other unforeseen events beyond our control we will work with you to reschedule the dates. If you are unable to reschedule our regular cancellation policy applies.



Our trekking packages are almost all inclusive but we suggest that you budget between $300 and $400 USD for extra expenditures on your trek including tips.

  • Nepal entry visa (Up to $40 USD, depending on the number of days).
  • Any trekking clothing, equipment and gears you would like to purchase in Kathmandu.
  • All the meals are included while you’re on trek but we only include breakfast while you are in Kathmandu.
  • We suggest a tip for the guide and porter after the trek – Plan on approximately 10% of the price of your trek.
  • Any other personal expenses such as Wifi, charging or electronic devices and hot showers on trek.
    Wifi is available in some tea houses for $3 to $5 an hour.
    Hot Showers are also available in a few of the tea houses for between $4 and $6.
    Charging electronic devices is possible in the tea houses and charging costs between $1 and $3 an hour.



Travelers’ are to have valid passports and visas that may require obtaining the permits on the selected trek or expedition.

The following are applicable visa fees upon entering Nepal. Ensure that you carry the funds and a few passport size photos with you before entering the country. A blank passport page and a passport size photo are required for the application at time of entry. Your passport also needs to have at least 6 months validity on the date you are entering Nepal. Check this as soon as you book your trek.

  • US Dollars 25 or other convertible foreign currency equivalent thereto for 15 days
  • US Dollars 40 or other convertible foreign currency equivalent thereto for 30 days
  • US Dollars 100 or other convertible foreign currency equivalent thereto for 90 days

Check if you fulfill all the requirements as soon as you book your trek. If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask us.

Sherpa Wonders shall not be held responsible for failure to obtain visa approval upon entry of Nepal or trekking permits due to the lack of valid documents.



All equipment on loan from Sherpa Wonders to Travelers are to be returned upon completing of trip in its original conditions. Travelers are to agree to compensate for any damage of the provided equipment.



Sherpa Wonders strives to provide excellence in our services however given the nature of trekking in high attitude environment and traveling in Nepal there bound to be uncertainty but we will always give our best.

Do note that when you make a deposit you accept our terms of service. If you have any questions  or clarification about any of our Terms & Conditions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.